Member Spotlight: This Month’s Featured Member is Tim Sheesley

Minyoung Sohn and I had the pleasure of interviewing Tim Sheesley over coffee.  Tim is the Chief Economist of Xcel Energy and has been a member of The Economic Club of Colorado for longer than he can remember and we are lucky to have him among us.  Min reminisced that he first met Tim at a Signature Luncheon in 2013 and that the two became friends over their conversation of how the new Tesla Model S, and electric vehicles would impact the grid.  Obviously, Tim would know as Xcel Energy is one of the largest public utilities, serves 3.3 million people across 8 states, and operates the electrical grid systems of Minnesota and Texas.

Outside of his day job, Tim is an avid kayaker and has cherished Colorado’s rivers since his youth.  Tim likes to get out on every river he has the opportunity to kayak and these include the Arkansas, the Colorado, the Blue River below Green Mountain, and Clear Creek.  Tim traces his family lineage in Colorado all the way back to the territorial days when his great uncle voted in the election of the 1860s. Tim is married and has 3 children who range in age from 18 to 23. Tim cares about K-12 Education and Economic Literacy Colorado, an organization which he is passionate about and whose board he has served on for many years (  We are so lucky to have Tim as a long standing member.  Be sure to say hello to Tim next time you see him at an event.

Author: Minyoung Sohn and Courtney Kanouff