Member Benefits

Meeting throughout the year in various formats, The Economic Club of Colorado provides a forum to promote healthy non-partisan discussions on key Social, Political and Economic issues. In addition to hosting renowned experts on a particular subject there are opportunities to interact with leading businesses and associations throughout Colorado to get a behind the scenes perspective in a non-formal manner while expanding your network. Our two membership levels are:

Advisory Membership Level                                                          

This membership is the traditional membership and entitles the member to all the benefits of the club including:

    • Attending all signature luncheons and backstage events
    • Inviting one guest at no-charge
    • If the advisory member cannot attend an event, and the membership is in the name of his or her company, a colleague from the company can attend in his or her place
    • An advisory member can be elected to the Board
    • An advisory member can serve on steering committees

Introductory Membership                                                          

This membership allows new members to join at a lower price for an introductory time which cannot exceed two years.  This level of membership entitles the member to:

    • Access to 3 of the traditional, signature luncheons (cannot bring a guest)
    • Access to 3 of the backstage events (may bring a guest)
    • cannot serve on the Board or on committees